Wednesday, April 18, 2012

2 Days!!!!!

Ok, I knew leaving my boys would be difficult, but tomorrow is the day and emotionally it is so so hard.  My 13 year old is expressing it the most that it is going to be hard for him to have us gone for so long.  He is concerned and very worried so please pray for Him.  My youngest isn't verbally saying how this is affecting him but I can see it loud and clear through his body language. He has been stuck to my hip for days.  The middle boys seem to be okay for the moment but I know a week or two and they are going to be wanting to go home.  So please keep us in your prayers this is a hard 6 week transition.  It pulls my heart into two directions, I want to be home with my boys yet I want to go get my girls.  I never knew how hard these days would be.  They are in good hands and I am so thankful for Grandparents.
Our bags are packed.  We leave in 2 days.  Today I am focusing on paperwork.  Paperwork to take, bills that need paid, schoolwork that will need to continue to need to be done.  It is a bit overwhelming, so I hope I can get through it all today.

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  1. Would love an update on how things are going and if your girls have finally made it home to you! I followed your story when it was public and finally got approved to see your blog since it has been private. I would love to know how things are going! Please update all of us when you have time!!!