Friday, April 13, 2012

I have waited and waited for this day. (Still learning patience) We can say today that we are fully funded!!!!  MY heart is over joyed today as I sit in amazement at how my God has provided for our adoption.  This has not been an easy 8 months,  but would I change any part of it, absolutely not.  Today is a good day and I come here today to say thank you  to all of you who felt led to help us through your prayers and by giving.  I am so humbled to say thank you as I know many many of you gave so sacrificially.  I write this with tears streaming down my face as I think about all of the people in this adoption.  This is one obstacle no longer in our way.  This barrier has been broken, my God is good all the time.  He always makes a way.  We were called to bring these girls home but without you it would have never have been possible.  Now we journey across the country in just 7 days to go hold the girls that were always in our hearts.  I am just over the moon excited to go.  God is in this, and He is continually paving the way though.  He continues to prove faithful, even when my head ponders the possibilities that this wasn't going to happen.  Praising God, today!!

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