Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Life keeps me on my toes.  This blog has been on my mind for a while, but to find time to sit without interruptions seems to be a rare occasion.

Here is the promised update:

Home almost 18 months.  She is so much fun, she is always smiling.  Gracie is at a stage full of curiosity, she roams around this house like she can see like the rest of us.  She loves to throw my clean laundry on the floor, get into the toy closet and pull out all of the toys.  She is developing and changing, even though sometimes the process seems slow going.  I often get asked when is she going to talk.  Honestly I have no idea, maybe she will never talk.  We love her no matter what, if she speaks someday that will be wonderful if not we love her no less.  Some days I forget that she spent the first 6 years of her life in an orphanage/ institution.  Then other days it is hard to forget because the past life leaves scars that will take years to fade.  Watching her grow though is just so precious

Home almost 18 months.  This one is a drama queen.  She has learned how to push my buttons, and thinks she is so funny.  (Well she really is.)  The looks she gives me when she knows she is doing something wrong, well they are just to much.  In the last few months she has grown so much, I think it is mostly because SHE IS WALKING.  Yes you heard that correctly my girl has learned how to walk.  She has overcome so much, last year she got really sick and she regressed so much.  We are thankful now because she is doing very well, and as far as communicating she is signing a ton. I have so much joy watching her explore her world.

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