Friday, May 30, 2014

We Are Headed Back!

Ok, I spent a day trying to make my blog look cute and failed.  I have way to much to do, so it is just going to have to stay plain for a while.

NEWS!!!!  We are headed back oversees to adopt another child.

Let me go back and start at how this came to be.  Dan and I  several months ago decided that we wanted to adopt again, however we were going to do a domestic adoption.  It seemed simple, easy, no fundraising, no dossier!  It seemed like the thing to do.  So we went back to our social worker and she approved us to adopt one more child.  It wasn't to hard, we didn't tell anyone, and we registered online to adopt a child with down syndrome through foster care.  This is where our story changed.  The process is different and we just couldn't go with it.  There are people in the United States waiting to adopt children with down syndrome.  We were just another number on a list.  Dan and I both just couldn't wrap our heads around that.  Where our girls were born they were stuck, unloved, nobody wanted them, and they definitely didn't have a list of people waiting and ready to adopt them.  Together we decided we just needed to go back.

So the last few weeks have been a blur.  We updated our home study for international adoption, and have done several of the initial things to get the process started.  We are a home study ready family and this process is going to go quickly.  We will be sending off for immigration approval soon, and about half our dossier will be traveling to Eastern Europe next week.

Dan and I have a few fundraisers going on.   We need to come up with 2000.00 quickly.  So if you feel led to help we are extremely grateful.  We are extremely blessed to be headed down this road again, and know that we couldn't have adopted the girls without you.  So thank you.

I do have a t-shirt fundraiser going but it ends in 12 days, so I need to sell 45 shirts in 12 days to raise the 500.00. Please, share, pray, buy a t-shirt.  My other fundraiser will start tomorrow!  (Details coming soon.)
Update on the girls to come soon!  They are doing great!

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